The Virtual Convention 2000

The Goldfish Society of America is actually an international organization. The society wants all of its members to feel that their membership provides a significant window into the world of goldfish, an opportunity to understand and follow the hobby that is not offered elsewhere. We also want serve the overall community of goldfish enthusiasts around the world, whether members or not. For the National Convention in April 2000, the GFSA recognized that many interested people unfortunately simply could not travel to Cleveland to be a part of our national convention and show.

But we wanted everyone to feel involved! So for Convention 2000 we tried an experiment. We provided summaries of activities and photos of events multiple times during the weekend, including images of every fish exhibited in the show. The idea was, through twice daily updates, to try to create a virtual convention and show on the Web.

Below is the "Virtual Convention" coverage from the weekend of April 28-30, 2000:


Friday April 28th, 2000

Saturday April 29th, 2000

Here are reports that sample some of the Saturday events:

Sunday April 30th, 2000

The Virtual Show

The volunteers who did the VirtualConvention coverage had a pretty arduous weekend. But the feedback was very positive from the goldfish community. We hope, if you find this type of thing interesting, that you will join the GFSA and volunteer to support coverage of future events.