The Unforgettable China Gold

Cleveland, April 30th, 2000 - Talk about an incredible Goldfish! China Gold is an 8-inch-plus calico Ranchu with an incredibly well-balanced, round body, wide back, perfect tail carriage and darkly-pigmented coloration. She canít be faulted. She has the perfect proportions and details you might expect in a statue in a museum. She was definitely alive and kicking in Cleveland though! Every time someone walked past her display tank, it was as if it were a cue to show off her best side (though she has no bad side!).

Head to head with China Gold

China Gold has been touring various aquatic venues throughout China after having won the "1999 Pet Fair Asia", which was the largest Goldfish show in Asia. Goldfish breeders from all over the Far East enter their best fish in hopes of receiving the coveted top honor. China Gold was produced at the world famous Tung Hoi Aquarium Company, which is owned and operated by Jackie and Louis Chan. She has another distinct honor: she is the most prestigiously honored goldfish to be imported to the United States! China Gold has been graciously donated to the Goldfish Society of America on behalf of Tung Hoi and Rick Hess of the Goldfish Connection. Her last "professional" appearance was at the C2K show in Cleveland, Ohio on April 29th, before being auctioned off.

A dramatically colored calico.

The topic of most conversations during the convention was all about China Gold. People were speculating who the lucky winning bidder(s) would be. Several thought about creating a group bid in hopes of breeding China Gold in the US. People from all over the continent came to the show, with the goal of seeing this rare beauty in person.

On Sunday, when the moment arrived to begin the auction, the crowd became very quiet. The auctioneer started the bid at $500, and it quickly climbed to $1,100.00. The highest bidder was Pennie Wyse from Washington State. She was very "penny-wise" to get China Gold for this price! Pennie was very excited (and lucky!) to get China Gold, and says China Goldís show career is over, and she will be retiring to a spacious tank of her own back in Washington. This beauty has earned a well deserved a break after having taken the goldfish world by storm!

The GFSA would like to thank the Tung Hoi Aquarium Company and the Goldfish Connection for their generous donation of China Gold for the continuation of the GFSA. We are certainly all familiar with Tung Hoi as a top producer of goldfish worldwide, and the Goldfish Connection as importers of superior goldfish. Thank you Jackie and Louis Chan, Rick and May Hess and thank you China Gold!