Judging Standards Meeting

Cleveland Ohio, April 29, 2000 - Carlos Perez opened the meeting, announcing that the goal of the meeting was to reach consensus on the GFSA judging form. This judging form represents a template for making judging decisions, using points-based guidelines. Since the GFSA does not specialize in any one variety of goldfish (no, not even Veiltails ), a uniform, repeatable methodology for judging multi-variety shows is very important.

Jim Fleeker presented the new judging format and opened the floor to discussion of each section and line item on the goldfish judging form. Due to the lack of a public address system, Trey Clark filled in as the loudspeaker and read the judging standards document to the assembled group. The audience combined people who were seasoned judges, people who wanted to start judging, and those who were just interested in how it worked. There was a lively interchange on various aspects of the practicality of the approach, but the overall tone was very positive.

Jim Fleeker, on the right, listens to a group discussion point

The audience ponders a complex issue

The meeting wrapped up with a presentation by Gary Hater on specific examples of flaws and characteristics of individual breeds. By providing this information in a group forum, it was possible to begin to develop consistent judgements and approaches across a broader set of GFSA members.

Photos and diagrams helped reinforce varietal expectations and common flaws