July 2004


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Seasonal Advice

One concern when hatching and rearing baby goldfish is a clear, scum free water surface, to allow them easy access to surface air and good oxygen transfer to the aquarium water. An airstone will usually accomplish this nicely, by keeping the water moving. But for very small fish, in small tanks, it can be hard to keep the air flow low enough to not create too much current.

If you are only rearing a few fry in a small tank (like a 5 gallon, for example), there is a classic way to keep the water surface clean. This has been used since at least the 1920's (it is documented in classic books, like Innes' "Aquarium Fish"). The method is to use strips of newsprint. You lay them flat on the surface, and then grasp one end and gently draw them off the aquarium's water surface. Any scumminess tends to adhere to the paper, so usually just a few pieces drawn over the surface once a day will make a big difference.