February 2002

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Please see the the new letter from the Society Chair; there are many exciting activities afoot. We have added the capability to use PayPal for multiyear new memberships and renewals. See this page for details.


If you have a 2002 event planned with rough or exact dates, please let us know. You can use the (hopefully) convenient submission form on the events calendar page. We are also still looking for local clubs that would like to hold goldfish events. If you are interested in discussing this, please drop an email to the GFSA.


The membership application now includes a field for "membership number" for renewals. Don't have a number? Don't worry, nobody does yet. The GFSA will be providing these along with membership cards in the near future. We are doing this to help implement a program of discounts on products, services, and events for GFSA members. Stay tuned.

Contribute something to the Goldfish Report! Please provide any articles, news items, photos, comments and requests to the editor, Vince McCarty, for inclusion in the Report. Vince has offered a set of topics for future issues, to try and get all of you to dig back in your trove of experiences and create a contribution for the Report. These are listed below, with the first on the list due for the next issue:

March/April 2002 (submit by January 2002)
Buying Goldfish - How to find the best source/fish for you, what to look for, Breeding issue, culling
May/June 2002 (submit by March 2002)
Pond issue, filters, feeding, algae, pond preparation, poisonous plants, pre-show issue. Show times, requests for help, tips on judging, requests for items for auction from members and advertisers, volunteers for booth
July/August 2002 (submit by May 2002)
Tips on transporting fish, last minute show details, Fall feeding issue, preparing ponds for fall

Seasonal Advice

What should you be doing in February? If you want 2002 fish to show in the Fall shows, you need to spawn this month or next. If you have an outdoor pond, it's time to look at pre-ordering those plants for the spring, to get early season prices (better yet, arrange to help another pond keeper divide and repot their plant, and take home the extras). If you have indoor aquariums, you need to keep up the routine... don't let the winter slow down your water changing and fish care.

And send a note to you goldfish society. Tell us what you want to see happen in 2002 and later. Some good ideas take years to implement; if we don't start now, it will never happen.