On behalf of the Goldfish Society of America, welcome to the GFSA Online.

The Goldfish Society of America is a national organization with a global membership. We are focused on serving this membership through information exchange and expanding knowledge of our hobby. The Society caters to breeders, collectors, and goldfish enthusiasts of all types through the Society’s publications and by supporting local clubs. While dedicated primarily to goldfish, many water gardeners and Koi enthusiasts are also served by the Society.

This Web site was created to publicize the existence of this organization and to provide basic hobby information to those hobbyists who are not yet members.  The sharing of knowledge and experiences are the basis of this organization. Please bookmark our homepage and return to it often as it should be changing and improving to meet the needs of modern goldfish keepers.

The Society publication, The Goldfish Report, is published in color and delivered six times per year to Society members. The Report contains informative articles submitted by the members; we encourage contributions from all, from the leaders in the hobby to the most perplexed new club members. There is a broad spectrum of information covered, including topics for both the novice and experienced goldfish hobbyist. Please see the membership information for an application and the registration process. As you will see on this site, there are many programs to suit almost any interest.

In 2005 we are continuing the many excellent efforts already underway. We are looking at new projects, new shows to sponsor and new ideas to keep the club current. We continue to offer an e-membership option to make joining more affordable. We hope to continue work to revitalize and extend the standards and judging programs. We want to provide educational resources and recognition of those who have mastered key aspects of the goldfish hobby. So it is an exciting time! If you are already a member, step up and become involved. If you are not yet one, please consider becoming part of our society.

Thank you for visiting the GFSA online.


Terry Cusick
BOD Chairman, GFSA

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