December 2006


The September and October Goldfish Report is out, with proposed standards for Ryukin and Oranda, plus lots of other good stuff. For info and updates on the Goldfish Report, take a look here for info from the editor on upcoming issues of the Goldfish Report and the publication schedule.

If you have let your membership lapse or have been thinking about joining the GFSA, now is a great time - here is a form you can print. To submit material for the Goldfish Report to our editor, please see the updated society contact info. Articles and photos in electronic form are particularly appreciated.

The current line-up of people filling the GFSA offices is on the society officers page. The GFSA Board of Directors kicked off 2006 with a renewed effort to ensure that the society is undertaking activities and providing services that our members want. Tell us if there is something you really want (even better, volunteer to help us do it).

Interested in joining the GFSA but still not sure? We have two sample Goldfish Reports available to download, to demonstrate that every issue is packed with thought provoking information and pictures available nowhere else. We are also promoting an electronic membership option that significantly lowers the cost of membership.

Lessons Learned "Quick Hits"

We are soliciting short lessons-learned from hobbyists: events that possibly left you sadder, but measurably wiser. Have a good one? Please send it to the  . Here is a brief diatribe from the Webmaster:

The goldfish breeder survey wrapped up in November. Results may be published in the November-December Goldfish Report. The list has 41 breeders, with 13 of those either new or re-verified for 2006.The rest continue from 2005. Overall results show that Ranchu and Bristol Shubunkins seem to be the most popular breeder varieties. The Jikin seems to be the most sought after fish (i.e. lots of people would like to breed it). In general, goldfish breeding seems as strong as ever in the US and Canada. However, the continuing evolution of airline regulations and various laws that affect the movement of ornamental fish will generate change in the hobby and will impact breeders and exhibitors of goldfish.