Hobbyist Photographs

My friend Gary is one of the top hobbyists in the US. He is a past chairman of the Goldfish Society of America and an avid student of the goldfish. Gary has been very active for many years in promoting the breeding of goldfish and the investigation of goldfish genetics. He is also one of the principal hobbyists involved in trying to resurrect the Philadelphia Veiltail strain of goldfish.

Gary has been kind enough to furnish a large number of digital photographs of his fish, both imports and his own breeding triumphs, and scenes of his fish room. Perhaps he will follow up with pictures of his ponds, which are equally impressive. Enjoy!

You can reach Gary at grhgoldfish@msn.com.

All photographs on this site are Copyright their respective owners, 1999. Used with permission.


Gary loves Veiltails and keeps several strains going.

Chinese Veiltail strain
Chinese Veiltails 
More Chinese Veiltails 
Chinese Veiltails: last one 
Gary-bred matte Hama Veil: very rare and delicate 
Another view of the Hama 
Gary's 1998 blue Veils 
1998 blue Veils 
More 1998 blue Veils 
Gary-bred Philadelphia red and white Veiltail 


Three different strains of Ranchu that Gary is breeding are shown here.

Female Japanese Ranchu 
Male Japanese Ranchu 
White Japanese Ranchu 
Japanese Ranchu topview 
Japanese Ranchu 
Mostly white Japanese Ranchu 
1998-bred Japanese Ranchu in early 1999 
Yearling Japanese Ranchu with Tancho-style marking 
Another view of the Tancho marked fish 
Fish from Gary's Japanese Ranchu strain 
Japanese Ranchu parents with babies 
Another view of the parents with the babies 
Gary's Chinese Ranchu strain that he has been working with since 1996 
Chinese Ranchu: this strain has interesting metallic and nacreous scalation 
Chinese Ranchu line 
More of Gary's Chinese Ranchu 
Chinese Ranchu 
Chinese Ranchu 
Chinese Ranchu 
Some Kroshinsky-strain (USA) Ranchu: closeup 
Kroshinsky Ranchu topview 
A net full of Kroshinsky Ranchu 


Gary has gotten interested in Jikins. These fish are rare in the US, but are very interesting because of their highly unique tails.

Jikin: closeup 
Jikins: note the tail 
Jikins: again, look at the tail 
Jikins: why you can't point the camera flash straight at the tank 


Here are a couple of odd shots of Gary's fish and fish room.

Blue Ryukins
Blue Ryukins 
Big Pearlscale 
"Nacreous Blue": out of breeding experiments Gary has produced this interesting color and scale pattern. 
Another view of the Nacreous Blues 
Gary's basement fish room 
Another fish room view; looks suspiciously like Cichlids in that tank