Goldfish, Ponds, and Aquarium Related Links

These are a set of resources that I have found useful, interesting, or both. Some are only peripherally related to goldfish but still of interest to the fish hobbyist. Please feel free to send me suggestions for additions or alerts on out-of-date links. A few links are listed more than once because they fit in more than one category.

Key Goldfish Articles and Reference Information

These links all contain important information on goldfish that is useful for reference and learning purposes. The brine shrimp FAQs are included here because of the role of artemia in goldfish rearing.

Goldfish Basic Care (by Howard Rebel, the father of the on-line goldfish hobby)
Learn the proper terms for external Goldfish anatomy
The Goldfish Tank - Dr. Johnson's goldfish info
Brine Shrimp FAQ Version 1.1
AquaLink Columns on goldfish keeping - very interesting!

General Pesonal Goldfish Homepages

Pages by other people who keep and enjoy goldfish.

Goldfish & Ranchu Page (Great photos from the Far East!)
Fish Keeping Info: Tropicals and Goldfish
Goldfish Tails
Oranda World

Goldfish-Related Art and Professional Photography

Several of these artworks depict the hated goldfish bowl but nonetheless I like them.

Monk's Goldfish
Aimee Beale's Goldfish Lessons - a poem
Technicolor Goldfish Web Page - take a look! This is a very creative person.
Jumping Goldfish - unusual graphic!
Goldfish Pictures from the Photovault

Vendors of Live Goldfish (Commercial)

The first three of these links are to importers who have very high quality and expensive fish.

Dandy Oranda's Hideaway (fancy goldfish for sale)
Goldfish Connection collector quality fancy goldfish
The Water Garden Catalog: Goldfish (info and sales)
PetForum's Goldfish Page (sales in Charlottesville, VA)

Vendors of Goldfish-Related Products and Art (Commercial)

Miscellaneous items related to goldfish keeping or enthusiasms.

Tetra: Pond and Aquarium Products
Earthrise Spirulina Farm (good spirulina info)


Vitamin C (Commercial)
Earthrise Spirulina Farm (good spirulina info)

Goldfish Organizations

Bristol Aquarists Society (BAS)
Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club
The Goldfish Sanctuary
Goldfish Email Lists
The Potomac Area Goldfish Enthusiasts (PAGE)
Goldfish Society of Canada

Goldfish Research

Research on Goldfish Pheromones

Information from the US Government

Thanks to the aggressive application of our tax dollars, the US government has made an enormous amount of information available on the Internet. I have used these links to find out about import-export regulations, analyze nutritional data, and figure out what toxic substances companies in my neighborhood are releasing into the environment.

Wildlife Laws: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA APHIS import/export information
US Customs Service page
Toxic Release Inventory System (TRIS)

Japanese Goldfish Hobbyist's Home Pages

Japan Internet Goldfish Asociation - this is very cool and very interesting: shows, shops, varieties, ... a real look into the goldfish hobby in Japan. Here is a shortcut:Goldfish Varieties.
Yamawaki Home Page (Tosakins)

Ponds (Commercial, Educational, & Personal)

Associated Koi Clubs of America
Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club
Mid-Atlantic Koi Club's Home Page
Welcome to the Pond Doctor's Home On The Web!
University of Florida Center for Aquatic Plants
Internet Pond Society


Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. Aquaculture Products Online Catalog - the best airstones and sponge filters available
Acme Pet - Your Guide to Pets on the Internet!
Mail Order Pet Supplies
That Fish Place mail order supplies
AquaDirect mailorder supplies
Aquarium & Fish Stuff @ The Link Farm
Lazar Home Page (water quality testing equipment)
KingFish Services
Aquarium Parts West

Electronic Publications

Aquarium.Net Cybermagazine (very cool! check it out)
Aquarium Fish Magazine On-Line
Aquarium Frontiers On-Line
Minnesota Aquarium Society Aquazine
AquaWeb Fish Resources

General Info

Fish Information Service (FINS) Index
Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fishkeeping
Aqualink freshwater diseases and problems resource
UK Aquaculture web pointers page
Virtual library on fish topics
P.I.L.L. - information on fish keeping and links
Sam Beavin's Web Pages
Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Fish Page
The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
WEB-FISH Catalog


PVAS Home Page
Minnesota Aquarium Society Aquazine
Introduced Fish Section of the American Fisheries Society
Baltimore/Washington Area Aquaria Society

Veterinary & Health

Some good opportunities for self-help on fish disease and health problems.

Fish-Vet Inc. Homepage
Koi Vet: Dr. Johnson's Koi Web Site
Australian Government Info in Goldfish & Koi diseases
Aquarium Answers by Steve Pond
The Goldfish Tank - Dr. Johnson's goldfish info
The Aquaculture Health Page
Aqualink freshwater diseases and problems resource (disappointing ...)

Aquacultural Information Resources

Been trying to figure out how to get rid of green water in your 10000 gallon pond? Pipes infested with Zebra Mussels? Here are some places to go that cater to professionals in the fish industry.

Fish-Vet Inc. Homepage
The International Aquaculture WebRing
The Aquaculture Health Page