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The Goldfish Society of America offers this Website as a resource to members and to the general goldfish keeping public. It is a volunteer effort in a society that is run by volunteers. The materials available on this site have been prepared by a number of different individuals and are often based upon those individual's views and experiences. The GFSA has made every effort to ensure the information is accurate and reflects current practices in the hobby. However, the GFSA makes no claims that information found on this Website will be wholly accurate, nor that use of that information will be beneficial (or even appropriate) in all situations. It is entirely up to you, the visitor to this site, to discern whether it is appropriate to act on any information that you find here. In short: we are doing our best, but we aren't perfect. And goldfish are darned tricky to keep ... good luck!

Rights to the Materials on this Site

Many materials on this site, especially photographs, are used with the permission of their owners, who may retain the legal rights to them. All additional materials donated to the society for the Web site are copyrighted by the GFSA. No materials may be taken from here and reused, in whole or in part, except as allowed under US copyright law. We sincerely appreciate your respect for the rights of the society and its contributors.

If you have a commercial project and wish to use materials from this site in that effort, please contact the GFSA to see if terms for that usage can be arranged. Unauthorized reuse will be brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities.