August 2002


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Seasonal Advice

As we approach the fall show season, the GFSA offers a quick lesson in Japanese Ranchu terminology. Here are the three main classes of Ranchu in a Japanese show:

Tosai - this year's hatch fish. Fed bloodworms daily (in an amount equivalent to the size of their heads), these fish are now about half grown with well developed wen (head growth). Since these fish have never been shown before, this class generates the most excitement by far in the exhibitions.

Nisai - the previous year's fish, now at their full size and having gone through their first winter. Still some suspense about the winners, as fish have matured and filled out.

Oya - fish in their third or later season; these are now breeders, with their offspring appearing this year as tosai. Very little suspense for the winners: all the oya are known within the club and people have a pretty good idea of who will have the best fish before they even show up.