April 2001


The next US goldfish-related event is a goldfish and Koi sales event in Texas in May. Following that, there are several British open shows in June. These are on the events calendar.


The March-April Goldfish Report is in preparation. Please provide any articles, news items, photos, comments and requests to the editor, Chuck Miro, for inclusion in this or subsequent issues. This issue will have articles on ponds, breeding, beginner advice and other topics.

The rumors of a special edition Report came true ... an experimental color version of the Report was mailed to members in late March. This issue featured the US breeding efforts of Dave Mandley and others, including "blue belly" guanine-less goldfish and hardy calico matts. The society is looking for feedback on this special issue; it is not in the traditional "booklet/magazine" format, but it represents a possibly affordable route to color editions of the Report.

Seasonal Advice

Warming soil and rainstorms bring abundant opportunities to collect live food for your fish. Probably the most convenient is the earthworm. A number of breeders swear by red wigglers and other varieties of the wondrous earthworm for conditioning their fish for spawning.

The risk with any food stuff and live foods in particular is the introduction of toxins and disease via the food. If the fish are in good health, this risk is probably low. However, commonsense dictates the gradual introduction of any new food and test feedings on just a few fish to start.