March 2003


The January-February Goldfish Report is out. This is the second edition in color and in our new format. Gracing the cover is an interesting Jikin - Veiltail cross that gives a graphic example of the wonderful color and shape combinations that are possible with goldfish. The March - April edition is now in preparation, with the goal of releasing it in late March. The hope is to get the publication schedule aligned with the middle of the bimonthly period.

In the area of new volunteers, Matt Lyon is helping Terry prepare the Report. Welcome Matt! Matt will gradually take over editing and content responsibilities, with Terry then focused on layout and production. There is a lot happening! If you have let your membership lapse or have been thinking about joining the GFSA, now is a great time - here is a form you can print. To submit material for the Goldfish Report to Matt, please see the updated society contact info. Articles and photos in electronic form are particularly appreciated.

The current line-up of people filling the GFSA offices is on the society officers page. The events calendar covers 2003 events and activities.

Seasonal Advice

The reports are rolling in from people who are starting to spawn fish. Gary in Ohio, Simon in Calgary, Rob in Virginia, ... everyone is at it. And more to come, planned and unplanned in the next few months. This is a great time to look into the options for feeding fry. The rations you select can have a huge effect on growth, color and the overall effort level required. Things to investigate: brine shrimp, sifted daphnia, microworms, artifical plankton rotifer (APR), Ziegler trout starter food, commercial fry starter, ....

A great place to find some of the things available to the aquaculture trade is in the Aquatic Ecosystems catalog.