February 2001


The next US goldfish-related event is the All Florida Koi and Pond Show, in Orlando, Florida. This show will be held March 17 & 18, 2001. Following that, there are several British open shows in June. These are on the events calendar.

Many of you may have been involved in or have heard of discussions of the possibility of the GFSA having a convention in conjunction with the San Antonio show. Unfortunately, the current word is that this will not happen in 2001. However, San Antonio will still have their usual superb Koi and goldfish show the weekend of October 13-14, 2001.

Preview of Upcoming Report

The January-February issue of The Goldfish Report is out and features an article covering the Goldfish Society of Great Britain fall show, and the winner of the "Best Goldfish Story" as announced at the Convention last April. The article from this Web site on the blue Egg Phoenix also appears, as an introductory "Breeders Circle" column (below, fish bred by Gary Hater).

Seasonal Advice

Consider putting a diffuser over the filter inlet pipes, if you are keeping goldfish with very long fins or very clumsy varieties (like Celestials and Bubble Eyes) in the aquarium. The risk is that these fish will have a fin, eye, or bubble damaged by being caught against the intake.  A plastic pot scrubber from the supermarket works well for this purpose.