December 2000


From the events page:

Check the events and clubs pages later this month for updates of the information on British goldfish events and organizations.

Preview of Upcoming Report

The February issue of The Goldfish Report will have the results of the Board of Directors (BOD) elections. GFSA members, please send in your votes!

Seasonal Advice

Think about food age and variety. You should try to feed more than one type of food, to avoid any sort of long term nutritional deficiencies. You should not keep food around more than 3-4 months; essential elements will oxidize over time, leaving the food less nutritious. For those with only a few fish, try feeding blanched leaf greens (romaine lettuce, kale, etc.) as a supplement to a base diet of commercial prepared food.

Site Updates

Events and organizations sections will receive updates this month. George Thompson has been added to the contributors page (thank you, George!).