October 2002


The Society has made some changes to the lineup of officers. Additional details will be provided in subsequent updates to the Web site and in the Report.

Terry Cusick has assumed the duties of editor. Please throw your support behind Terry and help him to provide us with a publication we will all value. The editor's job is a hard one, but the content of the magazine is only as good as the submissions he gets. To submit material to Terry, please see the updated society contact info.

Seasonal Advice

We are in the midst of the fall show season. In Japan, the major national Ranchu show will occur in early November, in a year being celebrated as the 500th anniversary of the introduction of the goldfish to that country. The English shows and the US Koi/goldfish shows are wrapping up. And the fall aquarium society shows are in full swing, many with classes for goldfish.

Review the info on showing goldfish and then try entering some fish in a local show. It will help publicize our hobby and might make you some local friends. Even better, printout some of the membership forms and leave them by your entry to encourage people to investigate and possibly join the society. The very meaning of "society" suggests active association, rather than passive observation. Being involved in fostering interest and involvement in our hobby adds an additional dimension beyond fish keeping that you may find very satisfying.