January 2001

Happy New Year to goldfish (and their keepers) everywhere!


From the events page:

Society News

The November- December issue of The Goldfish Report is out. In this issue are articles and pictures focusing on Ranchu and Edonishiki (pronounced "aye-doh NEESH-key"). This Goldfish Report is the last that Vince McCarty will edit. Vince was one of the organizers of the April 2000 convention, and has served as co-chair, board member, and acting secretary. To add editing the newsletter to that list seems like an unimaginable load, but Vince has shouldered that task too. The GFSA owes Vince a huge thank you for his past and continuing efforts.

Chuck Miro has assumed the role of editor and the February issue will be his first. Please help support Chuck however you can; articles, photos, or "atta boys" would all be appreciated.

Preview of Upcoming Report

The January-February issue of The Goldfish Report will feature an article covering the Goldfish Society of Great Britain fall show, and the winner of the "Best Goldfish Story" as announced at the Convention last April.

Seasonal Advice

Large, adult, imported goldfish purchased anytime in the next 4-6 months may arrive in spawning condition. For female fish this poses some risks: they can be damaged by chasing males and can become egg-bound if they are heavily gravid and do not succeed in spawning. Watch the fish closely, to make sure they are not having trouble. You may want to discuss proper care with your importer before buying.