GFSA Membership

Note (August 2009): Please communicate with the society prior to sending in any money for membership, to verify that they are accepting memberships. The most recent publication from the GFSA was the April 2008 issue.

The Goldfish Society of America is a volunteer organization of goldfish hobbyists devoted to keeping, breeding, and obtaining quality goldfish. The GFSA is the only national hobbyist organization in the US catering specifically to goldfish fanciers. The GFSA publishes a bimonthly magazine and holds an annual convention/show, as well as sanctioning shows by other organizations. The bimonthly magazine is called The Goldfish Report and contains a number of regular columns, feature articles, and society services listings. Please note that, due to the bimonthly publication schedule, your first issue can take from 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.

The GFSA is offering an electronic subscription option that significantly lowers the membership cost. Under this type of membership, instead of receiving a printed Goldfish Report via the postal service, you will be emailed the Report as an Adobe PDF document. Note that the Reports can be as large as 3MB attachments, so you must have an ISP and email service that can accommodate this, to use the electronic subscription. Please see the membership application for more details. Click here to see sample Reports in PDF.

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