Goldfish Shows

As a domesticated variety of fish, goldfish aficionados have many options for how they participate in the goldfish hobby. Most are happy to just keep a few goldfish as pets. Some like to collect exceptional specimens, much like artwork, to enhance their lives.

But quite a number of hobbyists and professionals like to go one step further, competitively exhibiting their fish in organized goldfish shows. This section will tell you about how goldfish shows work. 

Goldfish have been admired both in the wild and in captivity for more than 1500 years. As a result of their domestication, goldfish now exist in hundreds of varieties and dozens of colors. Both hobbyists and professionals have been coming together for hundreds of years in shows and exhibitions to display their latest breeding triumphs. This is still true today, with many local and national goldfish shows occurring around the world each year.

Below is a little bit of information on showing goldfish: