Breeder Survey Form

Please participate in our 2007 Goldfish Society of America (GFSA) listing of goldfish breeders by filling in the fields below and hitting "submit" at the bottom.

The point of the survey effort is 3-fold:

  1. Understand what varieties are being bred in North America,
  2. Identify possible fish sources for GFSA hobbyists, and
  3. Provide contact points for people who want help to get started in goldfish breeding.

If you are not a GFSA member, that is too bad, but we are still very interested in what you are breeding, so please fill in a survey.

This information will be published in the GFSA magazine. It will not be otherwise used or disseminated without the direct consent of the participants.

Data we need:


State or Province you live in:  Country:

Contact info (email plus whatever else you'd like listed):

What goldfish varieties do you keep (just varieties, not strains):

What varieties have you bred in 2007?

Will you have fish available in 2007?
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Are there any items for which you would be interested in participating in cooperative breeder group purchases? For example to lower cost or divide up large quantities?