The Goldfish Society and Beginning Hobbyists

The sad fact is that most goldfish do not meet a happy end. The problem is that the proper care of goldfish is not as effortless as many authors and pet shops would lead one to believe. While this Web site does not offer care information, it does offer information about Internet groups that provide support, as well as pointers to the Web sites of GFSA members, many of whom try to provide help to those starting out with goldfish.

Does this mean that the GFSA is not interested in beginning hobbyists? Far from it! The society offers many benefits and services oriented towards helping people progress from their first earnest enthusiasms for goldfish to whatever level of skill they aspire to. It is strongly in the society's interests to help people get through the first painful year or two of keeping goldfish, so that they can then become collectors, breeders, show exhibitors or whatever else interests them.

How does the GFSA provide this support? There are three main ways that beginning members can get help and build their skills. The first is through the Goldfish Report publication. The second is through experienced members willing to answer questions, provide healthy fish, and mentoring. The final way is through hands-on events that bring different goldfish hobbyists and professionals together. These events include regional and national shows, conventions, and social activities.

The Goldfish Report usually contains a mix of articles, from basic care discussions to more advanced topics. The basic care offerings are written by experienced members, which means that the advice is time-tested. Experienced members also offer responses to questions submitted to the editor of the Goldfish Report. The final features of the Goldfish Report are lists of members who want to correspond with other goldfish keepers and a "hotline" of members willing to provide advice and mentoring over the telephone.

You may wonder why the GFSA does not offer goldfish care information on this Web site. There are two main reasons: