Gallery of Tung Hoi Aquarium Company Fish

Jackie Chan was kind enough to furnish me with a Video CD of his farm and fish in January of 1998. After procrastinating for a year, I finally took the steps necessary to start extracting images from this remarkable resource.

The result is now accessible through this page: over 350 images of remarkable goldfish and the facilities and people who raise them. There are many farms in China and many fine goldfish that are exported to foreign markets like the US. Tung Hoi is unique in that, even though they are a wholesaler, they have taken the trouble to reach out to hobbyists and goldfish organizations around the world, to promote both their product and the hobby in general.

A word on the image quality. A Video CD is an MPEG-1 encoded format. To produce the images here, I had to capture frames and convert them to JPEG images. In general, this works pretty well if there is little or no movement in a scene. If there is a lot of movement, then the moving objects tend to lose fidelity. For the fish, this is particulary apparent for the shots of young fish that are both small and active.

The links below are sorted by variety. Within each variety (in most cases) there are shots grouped by size and age. The oldest, largest fish are first and the youngest fish are last. I think this offers an interesting lesson on the difference between a 3 to 5 centimeter fish and the mature product.

Thanks to Jackie Chan, owner of Tung Hoi, for making the VideoCD and other goldfish related materials available. All images copyright(1999) Tung Hoi Aquarium Company and/or Russ Taylor.