A Visit to Japan

I tried to take advantage of a November 1995 business trip to Japan to look for "kingyo". A Goldfish Society of America board member furnished me with the name and number of a goldfish dealer in Tokyo and another friend actually called the dealer for me and provided me with a map to get from the nearest subway stop to the store. Ultimately it was all for naught. The only day I had free in Tokyo after business was a Sunday, and no amount of pleading or promises of extravagant purchases could persuade the proprietor to open on his day off. I had to be content with looking at a few low grade fish in department store pet sections (incidentally, your basic kitten in one Tokyo department store sold for about US$1800... astounding, until you notice watermelons selling on street corners for US$100 each).

For those who end up in Japan, and want to look at goldfish on short notice, the address of the goldfish store I tried to visit is below. If someone in Japan could tell me if this is actually a good store, that would be great! I have heard reports of department stores having very good goldfish ... I didn't see any but, if you want to look, the pet and garden sections are usually on the top floor of the establishments.

 The goldfish dealer in Tokyo:

  • Yoshida
    Telephone 03 (3694) 3751
    Fax       03 (3694) 3753
  • This is in Higashi Shinkoiwa. I believe the nearest train station is JR Shinkoiwa, but this was still a 7 or 8 block walk. Incidentally, don't bother to email me for more info; you now know everything I know!