Breeding Goldfish

I wanted to breed my goldfish for several years, but was slowed up by having all male fish. Finally, in the spring of 1997 I got some new fish and was finally able to get out of bachelor club mode and more into the family way. The productive couple was a pair of black Ranchu that spawned about 3 months after I bought them.

I kept copious notes on the early part of the spawning process. By the time the fry were 3 months old I was sufficiently overwhelmed by the workload that if I jotted anything down once a week, I was doing well. If you embark on this journey with the goal of tank raising and carefully culling all the fish from a big spawn, be prepared … it’s a lot of work!

What follows are my experiences and lessons-learned. There are many people more qualified than I to write this but, since they haven’t, you get my experiences as a substitute. I expect, with more experience in the future, I will get goldfish breeding down to more of a formula. For now, it is strictly an adventure.