Photos from the Breeders Circle

View of the scene at Dupage
View of the scene at the Breeders Circle Show at the DuPage county fairgrounds.

The folowing pictures were taken at the Breeders Circle Show in Chicago on September 21st, 1996. These are all fish that were being offered for sale. I am going from memory on who brought what, so forgive any inaccuracies.

Blue Oranda (18KB)
This is a George Spencer fish, though Jim Reese also had some nice blues.
Baby ryukins (35KB)
I would guess these little guys are 8 to 12 weeks old. Their parents are red and whites; you can see some signs of some of these babies starting to color up. These, along with a tank of baby calico ranchus, were brought by Al Foster.
Red and Calico Bubble Eyes (37KB)
George Spencer brought these bubble eyes, which I was happy about; I've been looking for a photo op for a while. Now I just need to find someone with Celestials.
Red and White Comets (14KB)
Al Foster brought these youngsters. Their parents are supposedly from one of the emperor's ponds in Japan. Very pretty, note the tancho-marked one.
Panda Demekin (10KB)
One of Sue Miller's imported fish. The fish appears shorter than it actually is, due to distortion from the tank. Black and white marked fish are often refered to as "panda" marked; this is a notoriously unstable coloration.
Hamanishiki (10KB)
Another Sue Miller fish. The Hamanashiki is a pearlscale with growths above each eye.
Brown Telescope Eye with Red Pompoms (12KB)
A chocolate demekin with red narial bouquets. For me, a surprisingly attractive fish, based on the contrasting colors. Also from Sue Miller.
Two Red and White Ryukins (21KB)
Almost everybody had Ryukins for sale; these beauties are George Spencer's.
Young White Veiltail (21KB)
The raison d'etre for the breeders circle; the elusive veiltail. While this young Al Foster fish is not an exceptional fish, it clearly shows the varietal characteristics of the remarkably high dorsal and flowing, square-ended tail.